Viva España, Viva Madrid!

After having worked in the CSE for a month I finally decided to made my first outdoor trip and to visit my best friend Irbin in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Irbin has spend one year in my hometown in Poland for his Erasmus+. I was his Buddy/Mentor in our lovely city, Wrocław. After one year of hanging outs we became close friends and I used to call him my “amigo español”. When I finally discover that I was coming to Porto for one year of EVS I called him quickly to organize another trip together.

When I arrived to Madrid he picked me up from the airport with a very cute poster “Gdzie jest mój przyjaciel?” (“Where is my best friend?”)…Irbin speaks a little bit polish and I am very proud of him.

On Saturday afternoon I met Bea. She is peruvian, and she shared with me her peruvian culture, also by tasting the traditional national food in a real peruvian restaurant. For example I could taste aji de gallina, causa limeña ceviche and lomo. I really recommend to everybody to try this amazing south american recipes!

The following day we met again. Bea showed me Sundays street fair located in el  Restro, en el barrio de La Latina where we spent our time making a little shopping. After having had lunch together I spent my time discovering all the beautiful gardens, walking around until I arrived to the Cathedral. I was walking alone in these beautiful little streets. There was the sunset and, in front of the Catedral de Santa María la Real de la Almudena, I heard an amazing melody. Two old men where playing classical music, a song that I had already heard in some films. My heart was flying upper than Almudena place. Moreover I had the opportunity to attend the mess in spanish, a celebration who contained a lot of pilgrims taken from the Camino de Santiago.

During the evening I went to the city center with another ex-erasmus friends. We ate tapas, reminding and sharing our wonderful memories of Wrocław.

I really suggest to all young people to move for a students’ exchange like Erasmus, EVS or Summer Camps. These experiences could also give you the possibility of construct great relationships, and friendships, as the ones I have now. In the future you will also have the possibility of having good international friends from all over the world and share your life experiences with them.

Suddenly it was already Monday. My last day of vacations. I met Ana and Irbin for lunch and, once finished, we crossed an amazing park in Retiro. After that it was already the time of leaving. Irbin conducted me until my terminal, jumping from line to line and from floor to floor, running until my terminal. After two hours I finally made my check-in. I didn’t say him “goodbye”. I simply gave him a hug saying “see you soon”. I am sure that we will meet again quite soon, we don’t care about the distance. After all we are still in Europe 😀

I wanted to share with our readers this experience because it is what i really love on all the eu projects such as evs, erasmus.. and all the possibilities that the European Union give to the youngest who want to become cosmopolitan adults.

Thanks to this I had the possibility to meet them again and we will surely be able to organise it twice.

Don’t miss this amazing possibility of having this experience!

Hasta luego mi amigos :Irbin,Bea, Laura, Lucia, Ana, Pedro and Santi 🙂


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